Ruby Red Flamingo

I have been wanting to visit Ruby Red Flamingo for ages now after hearing so many great things. I must admit, since my trip to Italy last year I have become somewhat of a ‘Pasta Snob’. No more Caffe Primo pasta for me (lol). I had pretty high expectations to be transported back to Italy and luckily that is just what happened!


We were seated outside in a beautiful outdoor area which brought me back to a restaurant I dined in in Rome last year. All of the waiters/waitresses had Italian accents which made it even more authentic. The plates were exactly what my Nonna has at her house, probably much like every other wog in Australia, giving it a nice homely touch. We ordered delicious Citrus drinks and enjoyed the sunshine outside while the staff were very accommodating and friendly. I was already impressed and hadn’t even tried the food yet.


For entrees we ordered the Arancini filled with Calamari, Peas and Mushrooms. These were perfectly crisp and golden and with the best flavour. I love Arancini but not when they are dry. These definitely were not and I enjoyed every mouthful. Not too sure about the rogue slices of tomato on the place though. Does anyone ever eat these? I can’t imagine they would, but I am willing to look past this pet peeve of mine.


We also had the Octopus Carpaccio which is finely sliced cooked Octopus dressed with Garlic infused Oil, Lemon Juice, Diced Tomato and Parsley. I was a little sceptical about this dish as I had never tried anything like it, but It was amazing! Eaten with the crusty bread on the table, I was in heaven. I loved the amount of lemon and the tender Octopus. I would have happily finished the whole plate to myself but had to share unfortunately 😛


For main I ordered the Spaghetti Grancho which is Spaghetti with Blue Swimmer Crab, Cherry Tomatoes and Chilli. I love a good Crab Pasta and if i do order pasta out it is my go to. The freshly made Pasta was perfect with the tasty sauce. It had plenty of Crab meat throughout and and a great amount of sauce to coat the Pasta, without it being smothered. The hint of chilli was a tasty addition as well and it was a very generous portion size for the hefty price of $28.50.


My company ordered the Mezze Maniche which was Ring shaped Pasta with Prawns, Pancetta, Saffron, Zucchini and Chilli and the Taglierini which was Thin Squid Ink Pasta with Scallops, Prawns and Smashed Cherry Tomatoes finished with a hint of Chilli. Both were delicious but I especially loved the Mezze Maniche. It was packed with so much flavour and was so creamy it left me wanting more. Next time I return I think I’ll have to order this dish. Again for $28.50 and $29 per dish it is quite pricey, but to be fair we left with a lot of left overs for the next days lunch so it was worth it.10

Finally for dessert we decided on sharing the White Chocolate and Coconut Pana Cotta with a Chocolate Crumble. The Pana Cotta itself was silky smooth and delicious. However the crumble on top was not to my liking unfortunately. It had a very strong Amaretto flavour which unfortunately over powered the dish. There is some room for improvement there. Perhaps being summer a Berry Coulis or some Fresh Berries on top would be a better alternative.

Overall I am so impressed with Ruby Red Flamingo! I love the restaurant itself, the staff, and the general atmosphere. Not to mention the delicious fresh Pasta which took me back to my amazing time Italy. I will definitely be returning to get my pasta fix and be recommending it to all my friends!

Until next time x

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  1. Annmariefoood says:

    THAT SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to try that place!!!


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