Gin Long Canteen

If you were to ask me what my favourite restaurant in Adelaide is, I would not be able to choose just one. But Gin Long Canteen is definitely up there with one of my favourites. Specialising in fusion Asian delights, Gin Long never fails to deliver in bunches of flavour and new exciting combinations. Located on the buzzing O’Connell Street, it is the perfect place to catch up with friends and share many tasty dishes.


We first ordered homemade sodas, which were the perfect choice for the warm weather. I had the Pomegranate soda. It was perfectly sweet and refreshing. The Chrysanthemum Pear Soda was a little different. It wasn’t as sweet and wasn’t really to my taste. For $5 each these Sodas are great value and an awesome idea. They were great accompaniments to our lunch.

On this occasion I was keen to try some new dishes, but ended up giving in to old favourites because I’m weak. We opted for the Roast Pork with Beans, Coconut Rice and my Gin Long favourite: Pomegranate Chicken.


The Roast Pork with Beans was on the specials board. The Pork was so crispy and delicious. Mixed with the beans it was the perfect main course meal. It was quite spicy though which would have been nice to have been mentioned on the menu. But it was still so delicious and perfect with the coconut rice.


I think I have eaten this Pomegranate Chicken at least four times in my lifetime now and I have no plans on stopping. The chicken is tender and with the best sweet Pomegranate sauce. So so delicious. For $19 it is quite pricey. Most dishes at Gin Long are, as the special Pork was $24. However when the food is quality and delicious, I don’t mind paying a little extra.


Gin Long also have delicious desserts which I did not try on this occasion as I was bursting at the seams, but have loved their Coconut and Mango Pana Cotta in the past. I will definitely be returning to Gin Long Canteen in the future as it is such a gem, and never fails to deliver delicious food in a good atmosphere. I love you Gin Long ❤

Until next time x



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