303 By The Sea

Summer is well and truly upon us and one of my favourite weekend pastimes is Sunday brunch by the beach. Henley Beach is a great spot for this with plenty of cafes to choose from including one of my favourites; 303 By The Sea. I have visited many times and have always been impressed with the food, so I have been itching to try their new Summer menu.


Upon arriving there seemed to be a lengthy line, but we ended up only having to wait 15 minutes for a table which wasn’t too bad. We first ordered the Green Iced Tea with Lime & Mint and the Raspberry Iced Tea. They were so refreshing and perfect in the 30+ degree weather. These drinks could have been a little sweeter for my liking, as they weren’t particular packed with flavour which I would have preferred, but they were still enjoyable.



I’ve had my fair share of Smashed Avocados, and have had a great one at 303 By The Sea during a previous visit. The new Summer menu features a tweaked Smashed Avo and i loved it! I have never seen a Zucchini salad added to a Smashed Avocado but it was such a refreshing and delicious addition! Of course we had to add bacon as well which was perfectly crispy. This Smashed Avo is definitely worth a try and unlike many others you may try in Adelaide.


When I saw there was a Hotcake on the menu I had to try it. I had an amazing Hotcake when I was in Melbourne a couple of months ago which had set the bar up super high, but this Raspberry and Ricotta Hotcake was just as good, if not better! It was perfectly fluffy on the inside and crisp on the edges and bottom, with plenty of Raspberries throughout. I loved the extra berries on top and the Marscapone cream added that extra something special. I was in heaven. Other customers seemed to have noticed as they asked me what I had ordered, to which I replied ‘you need to eat this now.’ Seriously, so good.

303 By The Sea is a brunch favourite for sure. Every time I have visited I have loved the food and the service and the especially large servings. It may be a little on the pricey side, but what quality brunch menu isn’t these days? I will happily hand over my hard earned money for this food ANYDAY. Definitely worth a visit next time you’re at Henley this Summer.

Until next time x

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  1. Ross Duncan says:

    Sounds like an interesting place to head to Angela, where is it?


    1. It’s in Adelaide, Australia 🙂


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