Honki Tonki

Honki Tonki has been high on my list of new places to check out for a while, since I am a huge fan of their sister store Sit Lo. Situated just down the road at 38 Hindley Street, Honki Tonki offers an impressive selection of Hong Kong style street food with noodles and dumplings to satisfy any craving. 




Much like Sit Lo, Honki Tonki is a small and cosy eatery so is ideal for a quick lunch or dinner time bite. The vibe was very laid back and casual and I loved the bright decor and comic strip inspired art. The menu is simple with delicious noodle, soup and dumpling options, as well as a few sides. They are all very reasonably priced and with a good array of options, I wanted to try one of everything!


I first thought I’d try their Iced Chrysanthemum tea as I was feeling a little adventurous. I wasn’t sure what I expected it to taste like but It was actually yum! It pretty much tasted like straight honey so it was incredibly sweet. I could not finish the whole glass but it was really refreshing and different.


This Master Mushroom Trilogy Noodle soup had fresh Rice Noodles, 3 kinds of Mushrooms, Tofu puffs, Baby Corn and Asian Greens. It was flavoursome and as you can see was packed full of ingredients. It was also great size for the price of $12.50 and very filling. It was maybe a little on the salty side, but still a great wholesome soup nonetheless.


I ordered the Soba Noodles with Braised Pork Belly and Asian Greens in a Sticky Sweet Soy Sauce. It was so tasty! I loved the Soba noodles and simple flavours throughout. The Pork Belly was so moist and with a slight crispiness. Only negative is I would have liked the soy sauce mixed more evenly throughout the noodles instead of just sitting at the bottom of the bowl. The Asian Greens were also quite tough and hard to eat. But the great flavours and that Pork Belly really impressed me and outweighed those small negatives.


And last but not least, I HAD to try these Instagram famous Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings with a Sweet Coconut Curry sauce. I opted for pan-fried and they were incredible! The filling was delicious and moist, and they were perfectly crispy on the outside. The sauce was also out of this world delicious and it was such a generous serving for $10.

Overall my first experience at Honki Tonki was great! I’d love to try other dumplings and noodles next time as they had other tasty options. It definitely lived up to my high expectations and I feel after a bit of tweaking and perfecting, will be well on par with Sit Lo. Two thumbs up from me!

Until next time x


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