Cibo Locale

I was lucky enough to sample the breakfast menu at Cibo Locale not long ago and I was so incredibly impressed. This cafe is the first of its kind, an extension on the well known Cibo brand offering much more than just a cup of coffee and foccacia. It is located on Grange road in Findon, a great location which is close to the beach and to the city, and the site itself is modern and spacious. The menu is extensive with options to suit just about everyone, making it super hard to decide on what to eat!


The first dish I tried was the Bagel Sliders. One had an egg and mustard herb aioli and the other had smoked salmon, avocado, capers and pickled onion. I loved the egg and mustard herb aioli the most as it had a delicious dill flavour and was perfect with the fresh cucumber on top. The smoked salmon and avocado was also great and I could happily down this any day of the week, but that herb aioli really won me over.


You can’t go past a good smashed avocado, and if you look at my Instagram page (and follow it, now) you will see I have eaten about a million in my time. This smashed avo was definitely up there with the best of them. I made the decision of removing the poached eggs and adding bacon instead. I actually think this was the best decision I have made in my life. Not even exaggerating. That bacon was so crispy, I died and went to bacon heaven. The smashed avocado itself had feta and a small amount of chilli. It was delicious especially with the squeeze of lime on top and sweet grilled tomatoes. I also loved the addition of corriander. It’s safe to say I was loving every bite.


This Local Wild Mushrooms with walnuts, truffle parmesan, lemon thyme butter and brioche was on a whole other level. Damn it was good. The brioche was pretty much soaked in lemon thyme butter and it was incredible. It was crunchy yet sweet and moist mmmmmm. I loved the addition of walnuts and the truffle parmesan and the mushrooms themselves were marinated beautifully. This is definitely a dish that is more on the rich and decadent side but it’s worth every calorie consumed. Trust me. Just go for a run after.


Lets just take a moment to look at how photogenic this Chia Seed Pudding is. I had never tried chia seed pudding before this occasion and it’s safe to say I will never look back. It was thick and creamy and had a delicious coconut flavour. Paired with the fresh raspberry, pomegranate and strawberry you can’t go wrong really. Because of this dish I have developed a slight obsession with chia seed puddings and want to eat it everyday.


My favourite dish by far would have to be the Sweet potato and chorizo hash with crisp shallots, tahini yoghurt and poached eggs. This dish was full of so much flavour and I simply could not get enough. Everything in this beautifully presented skillet married perfectly together and the contrast of the sweetness of the sweet potato and spicy chorizo was out of this world. I would happily come back just to have this dish again!


Cibo Locale is definitely a hot new brunch spot to look out for. They also have delicious lunch options to choose from, my top pick being the Pork Belly Sliders which are amazing. They will be updating their menu every few months to reflect seasonal produce, so I will no doubt be returning shortly to try their new options. Cibo Locale is a cafe which gives a new and refreshing take on the Cibo brand, and with it’s popularity growing by the minute it’s a definite must try.

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