Devour Cafe Patisserie

I used to be a huge fan of Devour Dessert Bar on Prospect Rd back before they relocated. It was close to my house, had delicious and affordable dessert options and the caramelised white chocolate milkshake gave me life. When they closed their doors I was a little heart broken but have been meaning to check out their new counterpart Devour Cafe Patisserie.


Lets just take a moment to remember Devour Dessert Bar for a second.. I loved their donut sundae and caramelised white chocolate milkshake.. RIP *heart broken*



devour4Devour Cafe Patisserie is on Davenport Tce in Richmond which is about 10 minutes from the city. It is nicely sized and a definite step up from their Prospect location size wise. The decor is stylish and minimalistic. I like the black ceilings and cool art works. People were constantly coming in and out as it was around lunch time so it seems to be a very popular place among locals.



I was quite disappointed when I saw they didn’t have a caramelised white chocolate milkshake on their menu 😦 did I mention how amaze this once was?! However I did opt for the Malteaser milkshake which was also a great drink at their dessert bar and was NOT disappointed. This milkshake is so flavoursome and delicious, it made up for my lack of caramelised white chocolate.

Devour have an all day breakfast and lunch menu which is always ideal. Their breakfast menu is quite varied with options such as chia and coconut pudding, bacon and eggs, corn and zucchini fritters and a house bagel. Their lunch menu consisting of burgers and a steak sandwich was also tempting. However I chose one of their lunch specials; fried polenta with chorizo, mushrooms and poached eggs.devour5There have been a few times in my life when I have made wrong decisions food wise. This was one of those times unfortunately. Not in a horrible way though. This dish was quite yummy and I did enjoy it. The polenta was great, eggs were cooked perfectly and each ingredient married well together. However I’m not going to lie, i needed a big fat slice of bread on that plate. A burger and fries maybe wouldn’t been a better choice 😛



Now since this is a patisserie I couldn’t go past trying one of their delicious looking donuts i keep seeing pop up on my Instagram feed. I chose the Salted Caramel donut and it was pretty good. It had a generous amount of filling and a great salted caramel flavour. However the donut itself was a little on the dry side. I also had a chocolate brownie which was very rich and didn’t disappoint.

Overall, Devour Cafe Patisserie is a great brunch spot and place for a cheeky coffee date. They have a great menu, friendly staff and a nice atmosphere for a cafe. However I do sorely miss Devour Dessert Bar and wish they would bring it back to life. Perhaps if they upped their dessert game slightly and brought back a certain milkshake all could be forgiven. But until then I may return to Devour for brunch with friends if I’m ever in the area.

Until next time x

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