Cafe Troppo

Myself and my cousin were searching for a new cafe to try last week & after someone suggested Cafe Troppo giving it a raving review, we decided to try it out. Cafe Troppo is on Whitmore Square in the city which is a lovely location for a lovely cafe. troppo1





I just looooove the atmosphere and decor of this place. I was searching for a way to describe it, and the best I could come up with was environmental chic 😛 I love the rustic, earthiness of the cafe and I especially love the, tree branch ceiling… (there’s a reason why I review food and not interiors lol) Cafe Troppo are all about ‘sustainability, the environment and the community’ and this is definitely reflected in the overall vibe of this cafe.


Their menu consists of daily specials which change daily and their usual dishes. Cafe Troppo is all about creating seasonally based dishes and use as much South Australian produce as possible which I love. It was very hard to choose which dish to try with such a great menu full of fresh local ingredients! troppo7


Drinks wise I opted for a simple Apple & Strawberry juice and my cousin ordered a tea. Nothing too exciting, except my juice came with a wooden straw which I thought was SO cool. And just look at the cute tea pot & matching cup & milk jug! Ugh, I just love it. I’m not sure if normal people get this excited over teapots but I love these sorts of things 😛 It’s these little details that add to Troppo’s appeal I think 🙂 troppo12

After much deliberating, we finally decided on the Casalinga Salami and the Roo Steak Sanga. I’d heard the Roo Steak Sanga is one of the best sandwiches in Adelaide so I was super keen to try it out. troppo9

My cousins Casalinga Salami was a sourdough open toast with salami, roast pumpkin, olive tapenade and herbed ricotta with chilli oil. She LOVED it. While it was loaded with different ingredients, each complemented each other. The sweetness of the pumpkin with the saltiness of the salami and olive tapenade, and the creamy ricotta worked perfectly together.

troppo10I was actually soooo excited for this dish. I’d heard many great things and I had a bad experience with eating Kangaroo before so was keen to try it in a different way. This ‘sanga’ was spiced roo fillet with fresh greens, fried SA haloumi and Troppo pickled Zucchini on an open sourdough sandwich. SO. GOOD. I absolutely loved the Kangaroo with haloumi and zucchini. Such a good combination. I did find the Kangaroo a little tough but I think that’s just how Kangaroo is, am I right? This did not bother me in the slightest though. Such a flavour explosion ❤

So it’s safe to say that I was thoroughly impressed by Cafe Troppo! I definitely want to return for breakfast as their breakfast menu looks amaze balls. I love what Cafe Troppo stand for and I think it’s so important to support local produce and sustainability. Such a great little cafe that will quickly become a favourite of mine I’m sure 🙂

Until next time x

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