The Loose Caboose

Today I headed to lunch at The Loose Caboose Cafe in Hindmarsh. I’ve known about this place for a while & have only heard good things so I was pretty excited to check it out.



The Loose Caboose is on First street, which is pretty much directly in front of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. It’s funny that I’ve been there so many times & never knew it was there. It’s a pretty great location.






I love the feel of this cafe. The decor is beautiful & I especially loved the plant wall. This establishment is actually an old train station building with the train running right along side the cafe. I love the little corner with the sand bags & clock to add to the whole ‘train’ theme.


We were shown to our table & had our orders taken pretty quickly. Our food also didn’t take very long to hit our tables. Great service! There is not a lot a hate more than waiting more than 10-15 minutes for food & we did not have to wait that long today.


We ordered two fresh juices from the menu; The Pink Panther & The Hulk. The Pink Panther had watermelon, apple & mint & The Hulk had kale, cucumber, celery, pineapple & apple. Both were fresh & delicious. For the price of $6.50 though it would have been nice if they were filled a little more. But I did love the glasses they were served in. I do love my juice & these were quality.




I ordered the Pulled Beef Tacos which had pulled beef, grilled red peppers, garlic yoghurt, coriander & lime. They were presented beautifully & looked very appetising. I enjoyed the first taco, especially with the lime squeezed over the top to give it a touch of freshness. However when I got to the 2nd that freshness was short-lived & all I could taste was meat. If they had the addition of avocado or a fresh salsa instead of the peppers it perhaps would have been better. I couldn’t eat more than 1 & a half because the meat was too heavy.


This bowl of chips was absolute heaven. So crunchy & perfectly seasoned. It’s times like these that I really appreciate the existence of potatoes. Lets hear it for potatoes everyone!caboose20


My cousin ordered the Smashed Avocado which was watermelon radish, feta, beetroot puree, lemon, herb crusted poached free range egg on toasted rye sourdough. One word: YUM! And another word: PRETTY! How picture perfect is it?! With so many ingredients on one plate it sounds like it could be a little confusing on the palate but every ingredient added to the dish. The egg was a little overcooked & not as runny as it could have been which was a shame but not too big of a deal. I kind of wish I ordered this myself as one mouthful wasn’t enough for me, but I shall return & order this, don’t you worry.



As I didn’t eat a complete dish I decided on a little dessert as well. And boy am I glad I did! This Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart was SO delicious! The chocolatey tart shell was soft & crumbly and the sweet caramel & chocolate filling was silky & too die for really. It was very rich but I didn’t mind.

The Loose Caboose is a great brunch spot. It’s a little pricey so it’s only a place I would go to for a treat every once in a while. I may even go back just so I have an excuse to say their awesome name out loud.. ‘Hey do you wanna meet me at the loose caBOOSE?’ So fun to say, am I right?

Until next time x

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