Sean’s Kitchen

Having heard many good things about Sean’s Kitchen, I had very high expectations as I visited this restaurant at the Adelaide Casino last night. The venue is beautifully set out & presented with a great atmosphere.



I went into this dinner wanting to order a couple of entrees to try, a main & a dessert. But after looking at the prices I decided otherwise because well, I’m not a millionaire. & also because none of the starters appealed to me enough for me to want to spend 20 + dollars. So we just decided on a couple of mains & desserts.


For my main I ordered the Spencer Gulf Prawn Linguini. Presentation wise it looked great & I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! But I was a little disappointed with the flavour. The menu stated it was with baby roma tomatoes, garlic & chilli. There were 4 tomatoes in the pasta & I could taste virtually no chilli. It basically was a pasta aglio olio which is fine but I would have liked way more tomato & chilli flavour.  The prawns were nice & juicy but again, not a lot of flavour. The size was also quite small leaving me a little underwhelmed. Not a horrible dish but way under my expectations.


My mum ordered the Free Range Chicken Saltimbocca. The chicken was cooked beautifully. I don’t think I have tasted a more moist piece of chicken in my life! The sauce was also very delicious, tasting a little like a red wine reduction even though the menu stated it to be a ‘caper parsley sauce’. The dish was enjoyable but for the price it would have been nice with a mash or another vegetable element.



For dessert I ordered the Doughnut Holes with passionfruit glaze. Since they were only $6 the size didn’t really surprise me, but the quality did. I was expecting the doughnuts to be served warm, possibly with something inside them. Crispy on the outside & soft in the middle. But instead they were cold & as a result were hard & not that enjoyable to eat. The passionfruit glaze was nice but that’s about it.

sean7My mum ordered the Lemon Meringue Pie which was delicious! Not too tart & not too sweet. The Lemon flavour balanced out beautifully with the meringue. The pastry base was beautiful as well. A very nice dessert!


I’m probably being a little harsh on Sean’s Kitchen, but that’s only because I expected so much! I knew it would be expensive but I thought the food would blow my mind! Instead, the food was okay. I didn’t HATE it, but I wasn’t blown away which really disappointed me. I probably won’t be returning, sorry Sean! I’m sure you’re great, no hard feelings 😛

Until next time x

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